• Looking to build a library of unique, engaging photographs to use for your website and social media 

  • Needing continually refreshed and up-to-date collection of brand content to keep your audience interested

  • Looking for a portfolio of seasonal and varied images which reflect you and your business as it grows and changes

  • In need of professional branding photos, but can’t stretch to a full day shoot just yet

  • Wanting the chance to network and share the experience with other likeminded businesses.

The Personal Brand Club is for you
if you are...

The Personal Brand Club takes place bi-monthly at a location of Suzanne's choosing and allows self-employed individuals the opportunity for networking as well as capturing regular and up to date imagery to be used across your website and social media.  Locations in or around Northamptonshire or Milton Keynes.
Investment: £45 per month and is a 1 year contract

You are the face of your business, and a collection of professional, authentic images will make you stand out from the crowd.

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Every other month you get a photoshoot at a new location (all locations will be in or around Northampton or Milton Keynes, or the surrounding countryside) with a specific backdrop to ensure you can raise your personal visibility across social media or your website. 
The photoshoots take place midweek, every other month* (bimonthly). After the shoot you’ll get to choose five images from 20+ edited images** in a high-resolution format, downloadable and ready to use straight away. That's six photoshoots in one year and 30 high resolution seasonal edited images!
You’ll share your one hour photoshoot with other business owners, which means you’ll get moral support from the other people – and it's a fantastic networking opportunity!

* Contract is for six photoshoots in one year.
** Option to purchase more images after each photoshoot.

How does The Personal Brand Club Work?

After each photoshoot, you will be able to choose and download 5 photos from an online gallery of at least 20+ images. We often get many more than that. You have the option to purchase more digital downloads.

How many photos can
I choose from?

These photoshoots will help small or new businesses who are not sure where to begin with website or social media photography. The shoots are also perfect if you have a business but not necessarily a product to photograph. It's ideal for keeping social media and marketing current, refreshed and up to date. Even established businesses need to keep in mind the importance of a fresh feed of images throughout the year.

Can be ideal for:
  • PA or Virtual Assistants
  • Instagram or Social Media Businesses
  • Business or Personal Coaches
  • Therapists
  • Wedding Planners
  • Personal Fitness Instructors, Yoga, Pilates etc
  • Authors, Artists or Musicians
  • Politicians
  • Marketing Managers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Private Tutors
  • Solicitors 
  • Accountants

Who is the Personal
Brand Club for? 

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