Brand Photography is more than a headshot……..

Would you like some dynamic photos that demonstrate the spirit of your team?
Photos that effectively depict your business and convey its energy, ethos, character, essence and passion.

Together we create a photoshoot to show the ‘REAL’ people, within ‘REAL’ places and the ‘REAL’ products behind your business.  

Business Photography

I can photograph you and your business at whichever point you are in your journey, be that a small startup, a growing trade or established company. Business photography helps capture what you want to say about your values, brand, style and business ethics. 
A headshot is one photo to identify you………
Branding photography delves deeper into your business and can incorporate photos of you, your team, your services, processes, products and environment. Brand photos are carefully styled and constructed to show the people behind the business as well as the service or product. Basically everything that makes your business unique.

When do I need a Brand Photoshoot?

A brand photoshoot results in a diverse portfolio of images that can support you in your website design, blogs, social media plans, marketing material, presentations and printing. Envisage never having to search for the right image to use as you have them all at your fingertips.

I give you the opportunity to promote yourself within your business. I give you visibility so your clients know who you are. I support your marketing plans with high quality content and I help you create consistency within your brand

Where can I use the images?

Initially we connect for a consultation, a chat to get to know you and your business, together we develop a plan to ensure we capture an incredible selection of photographs for you to use to get your message across to your customers.

Then we design a plan to ensure that your criteria is met, this includes:

What are the next steps

Contact me

shot list

what to wear

how to prepare


style and brand colour schemes

Simply contact me to discuss your personal requirements and we can create a bespoke package to suit your needs.
We have a 30-60 minute consultation where I get to know all about you, your brand, your business and what we can achieve together.
Next we plan the session, review your marketing plans, decide where we shoot, what to wear and create a prioritised shot list.
Then we book the photoshoot, it's less daunting than it sounds, it's fun and creative and we ensure we capture all you need for the future.
Visit the Investment page to see a selection of the Business Packages on offer.

How do I start the process?


                             we create images that show

who you are,
what you do,
how you do it,
where you do it
and why you do it.