The Duke of Edinburgh Award (DofE) is a challenging and rewarding programme for young people aged 14-24. It offers participants the chance to develop their skills, experience new things, and make a positive contribution to their community.


This is a 3 Month (12 week) workbook to support learning mobile phone photography. 
Available as both a downloadable PDF or book via Amazon
The workbook encourages independent learning and research into areas of personal photography interest.

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If you're interested in photography, then the DofE mobile phone photography workbook is an excellent way to get started. This comprehensive 12 week course teaches the basics of composition and lighting through to techniques such as symmetry, viewpoint and editing.

The workbook is an ideal self-paced, low-cost mobile phone photography course supporting the skills section of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award. The workbook is appropriate for completing your bronze award and is divided into 12 weekly lessons to complete your three-month skills activity.

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The workbook is divided into 12 weekly lessons, which include the following topics:

These sections provides an overview of the basics of mobile phone photography.  Tips on what your phone can achieve and how to change settings

These sections focus specifically on the art of taking great photos with your mobile phone. It covers composition rules and techniques plus ideas on pattern and symmetry 

Ideas on how to make a photograph your own style, which apps or tools to use to help design the photograph in the way you want it to look

You will need to find an assessor as part of the award evaluation process. You can show the assessor your workbook and explain that they do not need to create a content plan; they simply need to monitor your progress as you work through the pre-planned lessons. They should ideally also be willing to answer any questions. You could seek assistance from your art teacher or a local camera club. You may already know someone who is knowledgeable about photography. They'll know whether or not they're qualified to help you if you show them the workbook.  Full details on how to write an assessors report is on the DofE website.

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Introduction to mobile phone Photography

Mobile phone photography composition, viewpoint and Lighting


Each week will take no longer than 1 hour to complete.

Each week is divided into 3 sections within the workbook

Explanation and specifics on this week's topic

Practical activities to help you to understand the topic of the week

A checklist of photos and notes you need to provide to your assessor to demonstrate your understanding of the weekly topic


Practical activites

Assesor Checklist

The workbook is packed with helpful information and tips, making it an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning more about 

The workbook will help you take your
to the next level, whether you're a beginner or an intermediate photographer.

mobile phone photography.

mobile phone photography skills

mobile phone
photography skills

The DofE website contains a wealth of information about the award, including instructions for completing each section. The DofE forum is an excellent resource for asking questions and receiving advice from other DofE participants.
Your DofE leader will be there to help you every step of the way. They can assist you in selecting a project, providing feedback on your work, and answering any questions you may have.

Completing the DofE bronze award is a great way to learn new skills, develop your creativity, and make a positive contribution to your community.
With the help of the workbook and other resources, you can achieve your goal and earn your DofE bronze award.

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"This was a great course. Perfect for the skills section for Duke of Edinburgh and I was also really happy to generally learn so much about how to use the photography functions on my phone. I still use these new skills on a day to day basis.

The course is well rounded, really informative and guides you through everything you need to know step-by-step in a straight forward easy to understand manner. As a 16 year old, it was aimed perfectly at my age level+. It was very interesting and great fun, the best part is that now that I have these skills I can keep practising different methods and develop my own style.

I would highly recommend this course, I got so much more from it than just fulfilling the DofE skills requirement."


Year 10 student

"I really enjoyed your course and it was a good course to help me complete my Bronze D of E skills section. It helped me learn new ways to improve the way I take photographs on my phone. I now constantly look for leading lines when I want to take photos!"


Year 10 student

"What a great guide! Incredibly practical and well written, useful tips that make an immediate difference. It's going to be a gift I give to people over Christmas as I know so many people that wish that they could take better pictures with their phone!"


Amazon Review

"Really pleased with the course, my son worked through it over its 12 weeks and learnt a great deal about how to take great photos with his mobile! even to the point of giving me a few tips!
Ideal pace to guide him in investigating areas of technique himself. It has practical activities each week which resulted in him having amazing photos to share with his assessor.
Would recommend for anyone who wants a guide for bronze or I would think silver DofE award skill section"


Amazon Review

"15 year old daughter completed this course for her skills requirement for DofE Bronze. She loved it, it is pitched exactly right in an easy to follow format and to be completed at own pace. It is fun and informative, is absolutely perfect for DofE and daughter got so much from it. 100% recommend this."



The workbook is designed to be a self-paced 12-week course in mobile phone photography, complete with integrated activities and an assessment record, but it is not affiliated with or supported by The Duke of Edinburgh's Award.
Issues with purchases made via Amazon will be dealt with through Amazons returns/damaged goods policy.


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